Below are some resources for 7th grade students.

7th Grade "Heads Up, Seven Up" Camp:

   - Registration 2016

This is an article I found on CNN regarding the transition to middle school

  - Middle School Transition

There are so many pieces to the "junior high school" puzzle.  Below is a link to a great resource for both students and parents.

  - In The Middle: A Guide To Junior High School

You will find a basic 7th/8th grade supply list by clicking on the link below. (Subject to change.)

  - 7th/8th Supply List and Welcome News

This is a document that gives great insight into the beginnings of the junir high/high school experience.

  - Middle School Survival Guide

Summer reading is pivotal part of our middle school and high school English curriculum.  Be sure to have your student reading at least one of the 7th grade choices over the summer break.

  - Summer Reading 2016

Something that we are seeing as more and more of a struggle for students is ATTENDANCE.  Read through some of these keys points to see how you and your student can make the most of being at school.

  - Attendance Matters

Obviously there are tons of things that go into being a successful junior high school student.  These are what we call our "Top Five."  Read through them and work with your student to see how they can be successful this upcoming year.

  - Top Five