College Planning

Even if you are starting out in middle school, it is never too early to start thing about college.  Websites such as these below help put into perspective the reality of college and its close approching deadlines!  For more, visit our Links page and look for the "Action Plans/Year-by-Year Timelines for College" heading.

- KnowHow2Go

ACT College Checklist

My Future, My Way: 5 Steps Toward College

- Parent Action Plan for Middle School (and there are plans for high school, too)


Additionally, it is important to do your research and narrow down options when it comes to college.  You have to take into consideration the program of study you want to pursue with the college's location, size, etc.  Review some of these sites to start that research process!

- Alabama Colleges and Universities

- Alabama Colleges and Universities' Homepages

- Breaking Down the College Admission Process

- College Scorecard College Search

Occupational Outlook Handbook

- Online Colleges and Universities

Vocational Information Center

For more sites, visit our Links page and look for the "Exploring Colleges and Careers" heading.